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The facility’s technical furnishings are based on the technology by the Dutch HatchTech company, which offers the latest solutions for brooding and hatching apparatuses:

  • The MicroClimer system provides a homogeneous and controlled incubation environment with the assurance of optimum parameters of temperature, air flow, levels of oxygen and CO2 and humidity, and thus contributes to maximum hatching capacity and is of key importance in achieving the best quality of chickens.
  • The unique system of laminar air flow offers perfect environmental condition in which every embryo is kept at the proper temperature. The air flow is exactly the same in every part of the apparatus. The patent technology ensures the optimum and controlled temperature for every egg and translates to the quality of embryos.
  • Control of the level of oxygen and CO2 with the help of sensors that immediately respond to changes of parameters in the apparatus and adjust to the proper settings.
  • U-VaporatorTM that maintains the relative humidity and moisture in the air at the proper level. If the values are too low, the sensor activates and water drops of 1 micron, i.e. 50 times smaller than in traditional humidifiers, are released with the help of ultrasound technology to ensure even distribution of the humidity necessary to achieve a homogeneous incubation environment.
  • CyCleanTM – revolutionary and an exclusive to Poland solution for the removal of down from the air, which helps to remove as much as 95% of all contamination. The patent spiral movement (cyclone concept) separates the down from the air and places it in special containers at the bottom, thus freeing the air from all contamination.
  • The thermal disinfection system, in combination with a disinfecting agent, helps in the removal of all microorganisms. The programme is activated with the help of the MicroClimer controller and heats the apparatus to 120°F. Additional disinfectants are used in order to destroy all heat-resistant bacteria. After disinfection, the programme’s completion takes place gradually to achieve the working temperature, and the machine stops automatically. The result is a dry and fully disinfected apparatus ready for the next setting.