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Regardless of whether it is hot or cold, day or night, summer or winter, our vehicles provide optimum transport conditions, thanks to which the temperature of every chicken in the truck is kept at a regular level. Considering the highest quality of transport on the road, our company has the most modern specialist HatchTraveller and Heering trucks adapted to the transport of one-day chickens.

The HatchTraveller vehicles are fitted with a unique climate control system based on laminar air flow and a patent heating and cooling technology using a system of perforated radiators. Contrary to traditional systems, the air does not escape from around the basket, and it is re-absorbed and then constantly adapted with the help of temperature, CO2 and air humidity level sensors so that the temperature in the vehicle is perfect.

The Heering vehicles have a specially designed air flow system, which ensures its even distribution over all rows of chicken cages. Heat, humidity and CO2 are discharged with the help of air outlet holes and a re-circulation duct. The chickens’ body temperature does not change and ranges from 39.5 to 40.5°C.

Our vehicles have a fully automated control system, which allows the driver to constantly maintain proper parameters with the help of a touch screen in the cabin. It needs to be emphasised that the system operates regardless of external climate conditions.