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ModernHatch Sztuder&Wocka provides its clients with:

  • One-day broiler chickens of the Ross 308 and Cobb 500 breeds that fully satisfy our client’s needs in terms of top quality.
    Ross 308 –
    the Ross broiler is the result of a genetic selection programme. It is characterised by an exceptionally good rate of body weight growth, greater immunity to illnesses, balanced increase of live weight, optimisation of fodder consumption, high survival rate and slaughter productivity.
    Cobb 500-
    is characterised by correct fattening performance with lower fodder conversion, greater survival rate, excellent growth rate, ability to develop fully despite density in the farm and a lower cost of live weight production, though one has to remember about the employment of a proper lighting programme.
  • Full set of prevention vaccinations against IB, ND, Mareka, Gumboro, REO and TRT.
  • Specialist transport adapted to chicken carriage.
  • Specialised and professional zootechnical and veterinary counselling with maintenance services.